For Butoh Vol,1(FOR BUTOH Vol,1) MH-R105 2007 CDr

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TITLE in English

1: opening

1: opening [Demo MP3 365K]

2: Yoru ugoku

2: moving in the night
[Demo MP3
365K] [PV:|Youtube|]
Don't watch this video if you have Photosensitive epilepsy.

3: shibuya

3: shibuya

4: ending

4: ending [Demo MP3 765K]

5: Makuma

5: intermission [Demo MP3 662K]

6: Nawa to daigunsyuu

6: rope and crowd [Demo MP3 945K]

7: Sokei

7: prototype

TOTAL : 60'30"

first appearance (public debut):

1-4 "kawazu" butoh performed by ROSHI
5 "hahakigi" butoh performed by SEMIMARU (from Sankai juku)
6 "hyakumonogatari" butoh performed by SEMIMARU
7 "sokei" butoh performed by SEMIMARU

This album is used by a lot of butoh dancers.

Sorry, It was sold out. (for abroad).
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