The other side of the Night (Yoruno higan) 2009 DVD-R VIDEO

first limited edition.
Hand drawing by Funazawa.

Jacket of popular edition

Limited stock.

TITLE TITLE in English
1: Ano kawa 1: That River

2: Yoru ugoku

2: Moving in the Night
Don't watch this video if you have Photosensitive epilepsy.

3: Seiiki nite

3: In a Sanctuary

4: Zendo (final take, bonus)

4: Zendo (final take, bonus)
Initial take is in |Youtube|.


TOTAL 29 min

Directed, imaged, edited, drew jacket, and music composed by Mushio FUNAZAWA.
Butoh dance by Temmetsu who was a member of Sekishoku suisei kan.
All jackets of the first distribution were drawn directly by Funazawa.