For Butoh Vol,2 (FOR BUTOH Vol,2) MH-R107 2013 CDR

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TITLE in English

1: Akai sugi

1: Red Japanese cedar

2: Tokino nai fuyu

2: Timeless winter

3: juuyu to umi

3: Crude oil and the sea
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4: watashitachi no saigo

4: The end of us

6: Owaranai saigo

6: Endless epilogue

TOTAL : 60'30"

first appearance (public debut):

"Sokei" butoh performed by SEMIMARU
2and4 "Senba-ori" butoh performed by Himeshara juku
3 "Fight to clean up after the oil spill" butoh performed by Kanazawa Butoh Kan
5 "Sacred@art" butoh performed by TEMMETSU

--Another version of jacket
--The difference in delicate quality