KAIHOU  2020 Digital Album

1 KAIHOU (Archetype Drone Vol.19 Long Version)

@ TOTAL: 47min

Available on Bandcamp.

Japanese meaning of "KAIHOU" depends on kanji.
KAIHOU = "" = recovery; convalescence
KAIHOU = "J" = release; opening; disconnection
KAIHOU = "" = emancipation; free
KAIHOU = "" = nursing; care

Based on live electronic improvisation "Archetype drone Vol.19" by Mushio Funazawa.
at STRIPED HOUSE GALLERY (Tokyo) Mar.22, 2020.
The card written "for space, for recovery, and for irreparable things." was handed to few audience.
Instruments are analog synthesizers without keyboard and sequencer.

__Digest on youtube_

The sold tracks were recorded by line-recording.
Coughs and creaks on a seats like Youtube aren't included.